UK networking support

Scheme details

Financial support is offered for UK networking activities. Applications are invited from UK-based mathematicians for funds to visit events at the Mathematical Institute or to invite members (including visitors) of the Mathematical Institute to visit the institution of the applicant. Applications outside this remit, but in the spirit of the scheme, are welcome.

Application process

Short applications should contain

  • the name and affiliation of the applicant;
  • the name and affiliation of the host or organiser of the event to be attended (including a contact email address);
  • a description of the purpose of the visit, with a brief description of the project, or the title of the event with link to the event website; and
  • details of the amount requested, with a brief justification for the proposed expenditure and an explanation of why other sources cannot be used.

Applications should be submitted electronically to Ulrike Tillmann. Applications from graduate students should include a supporting email from the supervisor.

​It is expected that awards will be made for relatively small sums, and for not more than £500.


​Expense claims must adhere to the University's procedures and rules set out in the expenses and benefits guide. Claims should be marked "UK networking support grant", signed by the grant holder, and submitted to the Finance Officer in hardcopy together with a copy of the award email confirming the awarded amount. For further advice on the use of funds, contact the Finance Manager.