Class of 2018

Anatoly Bugakov

Quantitative Business Analyst at IHSMarkit

After obtaining BSc in Business Mathematics and Statistics from LSE I worked for a year at IHSMarkit contributing to the enhancement of the Risk Analytics package for derivatives pricing, stress testing and valuation adjustments.

I’ve decided to pursue Msc in Mathematical Finance to better understand pricing models and get involved in challenging research and development projects.


Michael Geiger

Consultant, d-fine GmbH

After a brief intermezzo at Mainz University where I was studying linguistics, theatre and film science, I enrolled in mathematics at Heidelberg University. For my diploma thesis, I specialised in numerical mathematics. This was also the research field of my PhD thesis on 'Adaptive Multiple Shooting for Boundary Value Problems and Constrained Parabolic Optimization Problems', which I finished successfully in 2015. Afterwards I started working as a consultant at d-fine GmbH in Frankfurt.

I applied for the MSc in Mathematical Finance at Oxford University because it is the perfect link between my academic experience and my daily professional routine.


Marlene Goetz

Consultant, d-fine GmbH

I live in the beautiful city of Leipzig in Germany and work for an IT, Risk Management and Financial Consultancy. Prior to this I studied physics and investigated cosmic structure formation.

I am looking forward to the MSc in Mathematical Finance as a new challenge and an amazing opportunity to learn more about combining mathematical and computational skills in finance.


Armen Hayrapetyan

Business Consultant, d-fine GmbH

I studied Theoretical Physics at Yerevan State University and following my wish to be enrolled at a renowned university I moved to Heidelberg where I did my PhD. My great passion is drawing analogies between different financial mathematical models and equations portraying diverse physical processes. It was therefore a natural step for me to move on from academia to consulting.

Aiming to unveil the scientific basis of the financial world, moreover, I successfully applied for the part-time MSc in Mathematical Finance at the University of Oxford.


Charalampos Moustafelos

Consultant, d-fine Ltd

I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens and I obtained a masters degree with focus in Control Systems at ETH Zurich. Since graduation I have worked for a fintech and a consulting company where I got some theoretical knowledge and practical experience in finance. Additionally I have passed all parts of the FRM certificate.

I applied to the course to cultivate deeper knowledge in stochastic calculus and derivative pricing while studying in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.


James Pollock

Quantitative Analyst, Centrica EM&T

After completing my MMath at the University of Warwick in 2014, I joined the Centrica EM&T graduate scheme as a general analyst before taking a full time role in the Quantitative Analytics team in 2016. As a Quantitative Analyst at an energy trading company, my primary interests are commodities and the modelling of structured products.


Laurent Schaller

Consultant, d-fine AG (Switzerland)

After graduating from the ETH Zurich with a MSc in Physics in May 2016 I started working for d-fine AG. Specialized in risk and finance topics we are mainly consulting banks in Europe. I had already the opportunity to work on a migration of two trading system instances. Migrating the valuation of financial instruments was an important part and aroused my interest to learn more about option pricing for instance or the nature of the sensitivities.

Having earned an excellent international reputation combined with solely positive feedback from business colleagues, this makes the programme in Mathematical Finance at the University of Oxford very attractive.


Pascal Schmidt-Fischbach

Consultant, d-fine GmbH

I studied mathematics and economics at the LMU Munich in Germany. After finishing my master's degree in 2016 I joined d-fine as a consultant. Since then I've worked on several projects which exposed me to various topics in mathematical finance, Therefore, to me the MSc in Mathematical Finance constitutes a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying methods as well as their applications.


Siegfried Sobkowiak

Consultant, d-fine GmbH

I am from Rostock, Germany. I studied physics at the University of Rostock at a Master's level. Afterwards, I specialised in theoretical solid state physics and investigated excitons and their possibility of forming a Bose-Einstein condensate. After obtaining my PhD, I changed careers and am now working as a consultant in the financial industry.

I hope that the MSc in Mathematical Finance will widen my understanding of models used in this field and will help me solve problems that I encounter in my daily work.


Christoph Stephan

Consultant, d-fine GmbH

I studied physics at the University of Kiel (Germany) and at Cambridge University (UK). For my PhD in Theoretical Physics I worked mainly at the Centre de Physique Theoique in Marseille (France) and graduated at the University of Kiel. Following my Postdoc in Marseille I worked for ten years at the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Potsdam (Germany).

After a career change to consulting in the finance sector, I hope that I can apply my research interests in differential geometry and geometric analysis to questions arising in mathematical finance.


Janson Wang

Financial Analyst, SFund

I studied mathematics at the University of British Columbia. During my undergraduate degree, I was a teaching assistant for the Maths department. Before joining the course, I work as an analyst for SFund, focusing mainly on providing financial outlooks for investment projects.

My main motivation for joining the MSc in Mathematical Finance is to further sharpen my skills in risk management and financial modelling and engineering, which are the core components of my future career.