Philosophy Undergraduate Welcome Lecture

You are warmly invited to attend the Philosophy and Joint Schools Undergraduate Welcome Lecture

Wednesday 16th October 2019 (week 1) at 5pm in lecture room 3, Mathematical Institute.

Talk: I know that you know that I know that you know...

Speaker: Prof Joel David Hamkins, Professor of Logic, Faculty of Philosophy & Sir Peter Strawson Fellow, University College

Abstract: In this talk, we shall pose and solve various fun puzzles in epistemic logic, which is to say, puzzles involving reasoning about knowledge, including one’s own knowledge or the knowledge of other people, including especially knowledge of knowledge or knowledge of the lack of knowledge. We’ll discuss several classic puzzles of common knowledge, such as the two-generals problem, Cheryl’s birthday problem, and the blue-eyed islanders, as well as several new puzzles. 

The evening will conclude with a drinks reception in the Mezzanine.


All are welcome but for an idea of numbers please register using the webform below: