Registration Part B Mathematics Courses

In Part B each candidate shall offer a total of eight units from the schedule of units. Each unit is the equivalent of a sixteen hour lecture course.

(a) A total of at least four units offered should be from the schedule of 'Mathematics Department units'.

(b) Candidates may offer up to four units from the schedule of 'Other Units' but with no more than two from each category (Statistics options, Computer Science options, Other options).

(c) Candidates may offer at most one double unit which is designated as an extended essay or a structured project. (Units which may be offered under this heading are indicated in the synopses.)

All Mathematics Department lecture courses are independently available as units.

You can register for the Part B Mathematics courses you would like to take by selecting the courses from the list that appears below. You may register for up to 10 courses. Please note, that only one submission will be allowed per person so you should ensure that you have selected all of the courses you want to register for before submitting the form.  The choices that you make now are not binding but will be used to plan teaching for next year.