MT21 Training Sessions for Tutors and TAs

In the next couple of weeks, there will be several training sessions relating to different aspects of departmental teaching. Almost all the sessions will be offered in person (unless the rules change), and also via Teams for those who prefer to join remotely. To help us with planning, please indicate below whether you intend to come in person or online, but all registered participants will receive the Teams link the day before the session, so you can change your mind if you wish/need to.

The sessions will be:

  1. New class TAs
  2. New class tutors
  3. Experienced tutors/TAs, with tips on the hybrid and online formats
  4. College tutorials
  5. Introduction to teaching Maths via Teams (delivered exclusively via Teams)

Regardless of your mode of teaching, if you haven't taught via Teams before (or would like a refresher) then you are encouraged to join one of the 30-minute online 'introduction to teaching Maths via Teams' sessions (in addition to any of the other sessions), in particular to explore different ways to hand write during a teaching session on Teams (relevant for any online or hybrid teaching this term). It will complement the technical and pedagogical guidance at

If you have any questions about the content of the sessions, please contact Vicky Neale (Faculty Teaching Advisor). If you have any more general questions (e.g. about registering) please contact the Academic Admin team at


New class TAs

Tuesday 5 October (week 0), 14.00-16.30, L2 and on Teams

This is part of the induction for new DPhil students, but others who will act as a TA for the first time this year are also asked to attend.

Topics covered will include

  • An overview of the aims of the intercollegiate classes and how they fit into the teaching structure
  • Thoughts on teaching small classes
  • The role of the Teaching Assistant
  • Marking - why do it, and how can we do it effectively?
  • Guidance on the hybrid/online aspects for the coming term

The programme will include interactive elements and an opportunity to practise marking and reflect on the experience.

All new DPhil students are expected to attend this session as part of their induction and have already been registered. Anyone else who would like to attend should register below.


New class tutors

Tuesday 12 October (week 1), 14.00-15.30, L4 and on Teams

This session will be relevant for anyone new to being a class tutor for intercollegiate classes in Part B or Part C. Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of the aims of the intercollegiate classes and how they fit into the teaching structure
  • Tips on planning your classes
  • Guidance on the online aspects for the coming term, including tips for hybrid and online classes
  • Thoughts on engaging students
  • How to mentor your TA
  • What to do if you have any concerns

The session will include opportunities for discussion.


Experienced tutors and TAs - introduction to hybrid and online classes

Tuesday 12 October (week 1), 11.00-12.00, L4 and on Teams

This session is intended for those who have already been class tutors or TAs and will do the same role this term. Those new to the class tutor role or new to the TA role should attend the relevant training (listed above), where the relevant information from this session will also be covered. This session will be very similar to the hybrid/online class training offered a year ago, so if you attended one of those and are confident about teaching hybrid classes this term then there is no need to attend again (although you are welcome to do so if you would like to).

The session will be delivered in the Andrew Wiles Building, so that you can see what the tech set-up looks like and how it works in practice. The session will also include advice on how to engage students in a hybrid or online class, and there will be time to ask questions.


College tutorials

Wednesday 13 October (week 1) 10.00-12.30, L4 and on Teams

preceded by an optional screening at 09.30 of the tutorial teaching video (screening will be in person only, but you can watch the video any time online if you have a Maths log in)

The workshop is primarily aimed at those who are new to tutorial teaching, particularly graduate students who have already worked as a TA for the intercollegiate class scheme, and postdocs. But all are welcome, including those with more teaching experience. This workshop is organised by the Mathematical Institute, the Department of Statistics, and the Department of Computer Science.

The main part of the workshop will be led by experienced members of the departments, reflecting on their own practice and inviting discussion. There will also be discussions on the purpose of tutorials, the responsibilities of tutors, how to handle challenging cases, and advice on handling online tutorials.


Introduction to teaching Maths via Teams

Wednesday 29 September (week -1), 11.00-11.30, on Teams

Wednesday 13 October (week 1), 16.00-16.30, on Teams

(same session repeated, no need to attend more than one!)

This short online session will give a quick introduction to teaching via Microsoft Teams, with a particular focus on strategies for handwriting during live teaching sessions since this is important for maths, and with tips based on experience gained through remote teaching over the last 18 months. The advice will be relevant for any format of teaching using Teams (classes, tutorials, ...). This session is likely to be of most interest to those who have not taught using Teams before, but might be a useful refresher for others too.