Academic Visitors to the Mathematical Institute

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the department has suspend taking visitors at the current time.

Whilst lockdowns are easing and vaccine rollouts are progressing well as of March 2021, due to a backlog of pressure on space, at this point in time, we do not expect to be able to accept visits in general until the beginning of 2022.


Academics inviting visitors to the Mathematical Institute are required to complete the  Online visitor application form in advance. The form must be completed for all prospective visitors who will be carrying out some form of activity (either in a paid or unpaid capacity).  Within the form you can indicate if your visitor needs a formal invitation letter - in which case it will be provided only once the application has been approved.

We aim to provide an excellent, welcoming service and upon successful application (depending upon length of stay), your visitor may receive access to the Andrew Wiles Building, desk space or hot-desk subject to availability, access to the Whitehead Library, access to departmental IT facilities.


The application form must be completed by the academic host (sponsor - a member of academic staff of the department).  Where there is local administrative support, your research group assistant may submit the form on your behalf. The submitted form triggers an approval request to the relevant research group head.

A visitor is generally considered to be someone who comes from another academic institution, for a single specific visit to Oxford, typically lasting from one week to one year, during which time they are based and work in the department and are provided with departmental and university facilities.

Outside of formal visits there will of course be many academic collaboration with those based at other institutions. In most cases a collaboration requires no special access or facilities for the involved parties at the other institution. Such collaborators simply interact electronically and might attend the other institution for meetings and interactions from time to time. In some cases, however, you may wish to request additional facilities to be granted to a collaborator.

Single day visitors, e.g. seminar speakers, typically require no facilities from the department. If your invited speaker does require departmental facilities (e.g. visitor card for building/room access or desk space), they will need to be recorded as a visitor. This will mean minimal administration, but does require Part A of the visitor form to be completed as a record and to enable the department to provide facilities not normally afforded to a visitor of one day.

Inviting a visitor

Before you complete your form, please consider the following:

  • Is the visitor a seminar/workshop speaker needing a desk or IT access?
  • Check which visitor status your are requesting, e.g. standard visitor, student visitor etc
  • Does the visitor need a visa and, if so, what type?
  • Does the visitor hold a research grant that might be used to pay departmental bench fee charges?
  • Do you have funding to support the visit?
  • Where there is funding, what expenses would you want to cover (note that visa expenses cannot be reimbursed)?
  • How does the visitor wish to receive authorized expenses from an identified fund? (expense claim form)
  • Does the visitor require help with finding accommodation?
  • Does the visitor have any particular individual requirements to manage their visit in the Andrew Wiles Building?

All of these questions can be discussed with the Visitors Coordinator ( prior to the proposed visit


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