Centre for Topological Data Analysis



Our vision is to build a two-way bridge between data users and scientists on which topological ideas and tools go to and fro testing & applications and research  & development. Our multidisciplinary team of mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists from Oxford, Swansea and Liverpool, provide the necessary breadth and depth of experience and expertise to drive the development and application of Topological Data Analysis (TDA) to the solution of real world problems.  Read more here.

The centre is supported by the EPSRC grant New Approaches to Data Science: Application Driven Topological Data Analysis EP/R018472/1.



11-14 September 2018, Swansea: Kick-off meeting

13 September 2018, Swansea: SAB meeting



We are looking for students and post-docs at all three locations to start  September/October 2018. Anybody interested should enquire with one of the directors or members.

Post-doc positions at Swansea:

Lecturer (Enhanced Research) in Mathematics

PhD positions at Swansea for October 2018:

Swansea PhD in Topological Data Analysis

PhD positions at Liverpool for October 2018:

Analysis of Energy Landscapes of Molecular Crystal Structures

Data Driven Discovery of Functional Molecular Co-crystals

Data Science and Machine Learning Applied to the Discovery of Solid Lithium Ion Conductors




Heather Harrington and Ulrike Tillmann


Liverpool: Andrew Cooper, Vitaliy KurlinIgor Potapov, Paul Spirakis 

Oxford: Helen Byrne, Peter Grindrod, Heather Harrington, Vidit Nanda, Gesine Reinert, Ulrike Tillmann 

Swansea: Pawel Dlotko, Jeffrey Giansiracusa 

Scientific Advisory Board

Ulrich Bauer, Jean-Daniel Boissonat, Gunnar Carlsson, Frederic Chazal, Kathryn Hess, Konstantin Mischaikow, Shmuel Weinberger

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Online Seminar and Lecture Platform supported by the Centre