Research Facilitation

Research Facilitation in the Mathematical Institute are available for consultation on the identification of suitable calls for proposals, the preparation and submission of grant applications, and the processing of applications through departmental and institutional approvals.

Who's who

Dr CJ Voyce, Head of Research Facilitation
APV Gordón, Deputy Head of Research Facilitation
B Hinks, Research Facilitator

Initial inquiries or notices of intent to apply, should be sent to the Head of Research Facilitation in the first instance.

Overview of funding opportunities

There is a wide range of extramural funding available for which members of the Mathematical Institute would be eligible to apply; these include EPSRC Standard Grants, subject-specific grants, personal fellowships, prizes, travel funding, studentships, and funding for outside visitors. Please click here for further details on these types of grants, as well as lists of current calls for proposals in these categories.

Internal application procedures

Research Facilitation are available for help and advice in determining suitable sources of funding and in preparing grant proposals. All applications, be they preliminary or full, are subject to departmental (in effect, the Head of Research Facilitation and the Chair of Mathematics) and institutional (Research Services Office) approvals prior to submission, regardless of whether a signature is required. Internal deadlines for most calls are set four weeks prior to their respective external deadlines (unless indicated otherwise, five weeks in advance for fellowships) to accommodate the time needed to review and obtain departmental and institutional approvals. See EPSRC research base funding and personal fellowships for details.

Research Committee funding

Further funding is available from the department's Research Committee, including the research-incentive scheme, faculty travel expenses and seminar expenses. Further details can be found here.

Applications to other funding bodies and application-preparation resources

Applicants may find Deloitte's 2012 report 'Measuring the economic benefits of mathematical science research in the UK' helpful when considering the potential impact and national importance of research projects. The report references example applications and benefits of a wide range of applied and fundamental mathematics. A summary of the report is available here.

Novice applicants may find Jacob Kraicer's 'The art of grantsmanship' helpful.

Contact the Head of Research Facilitation if you wish to have support for applications to other funding bodies.