UK Graduate Modelling Camp

The UK's Graduate Modelling Camp is a 3-day (virtual) workshop which will run from 15-17 July 2020 that aims to provide participants with hands-on experience of mathematical modelling under the guidance of experienced instructors. The camp is open to all PhD students and designed to promote a broad range of problem-solving skills, such as mathematical modelling & analysis, scientific computation & critical assessment of solutions.

The camp will take place online; attendees will need to commit to attending the camp for the whole duration, and there will be a need to work in the evening on Thursday 16th July. The problems to be considered are inspired by real problems that have arisen in industry or science. The camp begins with presentations from the mentors. Then, according to preference, the participants form teams to work on each problem. Scientific communication is an important part of the camp and all participants are expected to make presentations.

Academic Organiser: Chris Breward

Mentors: Ashleigh Hutchinson, Graham Benham, Tori Pereira

Logisitics: Sarah Howle

All Grad Camp attendees are likely to be invited to attend a (virtual) Study Group with Industry in the week after the Graduate Modelling Camp (20-25 July).

Please note that both verbal and written business level English are essential requirements for attendance on the camp, and participants must have commenced doctoral-level studies. The selection criteria for the camp are:

  • Those in the early years of their doctorate
  • Academic and research ability
  • Personal qualities

 Application process:

The deadline for completing the registration form and submission of the supervisor's letter of recommendation is 18 June 2020. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their supervisors email their letters of recommendation to by the deadline date. Applications received after the application deadline will not be considered. We hope to inform all applicants of the selection decisions by  25th June 2020.

Please be aware that a list of participants will be produced for the event and may be posted on the web. If you do not wish your details to appear on one or both of these lists please indicate in the "Any other special requirements" section. A copy of our privacy notice is available at