UK Graduate Modelling Camp

The Graduate Modelling Camp is a 4-day workshop from 2-5 April 2019 that aims to provide participants with hands-on experience of mathematical modelling under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The camp is open to all PhD students and designed to promote a broad range of problem-solving skills, such as mathematical modelling & analysis, scientific computation & critical assessment of solutions.

Academic Organiser: Ricardo Ruiz Baier

Mentors: Radu Cimpeanu, Susana GomesHuaxiong Huang, Katerina Kaouri, Nicos Pavlidis

Logisitics: Amanda Guthland Elmore

There will be charges for 2019 residential and non-residential guests.  Information on 2019's Graduate Modelling Camp is below:

  • £299 non-residential guest (includes lunch)
  • £499 residential guest (includes all meals) 
  • Bursaries covering up to 50% of the price are available for residential guests

All Grad Camp attendees will be invited to attend the European Study Group with Industry in Cambridge the week after the Graduate Modelling Camp (8-12 April 2019). Transport will be arranged.

The problems to be considered are inspired by real problems that have arisen in industry or science. The camp begins with presentations from the mentors. Then, according to preference, the participants form teams to work on each problem. Scientific communication is an important part of the camp and all participants are expected to make presentations.

The proposed projects for 2019 include:

  • Mixing it up at small scales
  • How to successfully evacuate a room?
  • Vasculature reconstruction based on facial infrared image
  • Identifying and visualising cluster structure in multivariate data
  • Modelling calcium signalling in fertilization and embryogenesis

Please note that both verbal and written business level English are essential requirements for attendance on the camp, and participants must have commenced doctoral-level studies. The selection criteria for the camp are:

  • Those in the early years of their doctorate
  • Academic and research ability
  • Personal qualities

Local accommodation will be arranged for non-Oxford attendees. All meals will be provided for the duration of the camp, including breakfast and evening meal for those staying at St Anne's. Attendees will be expected to cover their own travel to Oxford. Accommodation and all meal costs are included in the fee and attendees are advised to approach their home institution for support if needed. Laptops should be brought for use during the camp.

There will be prizes for each member of the team deemed to have given the best presentation at the end of the camp.  

PDF icon Grad Camp Poster 2019.pdf

Application process:

Regsitration for the 2019 Camp is now closed. We hope to inform all applicants of the selection decisions by 1 March 2019.


European Study Group with Industry, 8-12 April 2019


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