Mathematical Finance @ Oxford Short Courses

What are short courses?

The advanced modules of the MSc in Mathematical Finance are available for the public to attend, as 'short courses'. There are four Mathematical Finance @ Oxford short courses; each exploring a key area in contemporary mathematical finance.

No proof of qualification is required to attend a short course but, to benefit fully, short course students should have background knowledge in mathematical finance, such as that covered in the core modules of the MSc in Mathematical Finance. Students are not assessed, but at the end of the course they are issued with a certificate of attendance.

The programme of short courses is published during the summer each year.  Please note however, that the content of the courses is subject to small change.

Benefits to attending a Short Course

Attending a Mathematical Finance @ Oxford short course will give you:

  • Access to, and insight from, internationally recognised experts in mathematical finance;
  • Understanding of the ever-changing mathematical finance field, in a condensed period of time;
  • The perfect opportunity to expand your professional network, exchanging ideas with a global group of peers;
  • A chance to study in one of the world-wide homes of education;
  • Endless possibilities to explore the cultural hub of Oxford.

Short Courses Fees and Registration

Please register and pay for Short Courses on the course registration page. Registration usually closes 7 days before the start of a course, and may close earlier if capacity has been reached.

Short Courses Leaflet

Advanced Modelling Topics 1

The next course will take place: Tuesday 24 - Friday 27 September 2019


Advanced Numerical Methods

The next course will take place: Tuesday 3 - Friday 6 December 2019


Advanced Modelling Topics 2

The next course will take place: Tuesday 25 - Friday 28 February 2020


Quantitative Risk Management

The next course will take place: Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 April 2020.


What are people saying about our Short Courses?

"I was really impressed by the excellent course contents, superb delivery, and extremely friendly environment. You go away for a week with a little bit of background knowledge, immerse in the course for a week (as a break from the daily routine!), and come back equipped with the skills and expertise to design, develop, and implement cutting edge models /methods. The course contents cover latest and cutting edge topics, but are presented and explained in a very easy to digest format with plenty of hands on practice. The classes are very interactive, so I did not have many unanswered questions. The admin was very efficient (I did not have to contact them once!), and the staff and students were extremely friendly. I ended the week with a trip to the Blenheim palace."