We are often asked whether our courses have a year out for industry, as some universities offer this. Our courses do not offer this. What we do have are 8 week terms, with a 3 month break over summer. Many of our students undertake paid internships or research projects over their summers, often choosing different companies each year. This allows them to see a broad range of companies, from financial to government, technology to security. The University of Oxford has a dedicated Internship Office, which lists both UK-based and international internship opportunities, to help you make the most of your time here.

What our graduates say...

"Studying maths at Oxford gave me the analytical and reasoning skills I use in my job as a Public Health Intelligence Officer, as well as teaching me a great deal about communicating difficult mathematical/statistical concepts and how to translate public health questions (e.g. "Does this service work?") into questions that can be answered well by data -- and translating the answers back out again."
"Oxford has given me the opportunities to get where I am today through two main areas in my personal development: academia, as the drive and discipline required to complete a degree at Oxford have to come from yourself; and the inter-personal skills developed through sport, student politics, and relaxing in the bar with very bright and interesting people."


95% of Oxford University graduates are in work or further study six months after leaving. Our graduates are always in demand and recent surveys have indicated that graduates in mathematical sciences are now one of the most employable groups. Our graduates are world changers and are pushing the boundaries of mathematics research – about 30% of our graduates go into further study. If you're thinking that far ahead, take a look at our currently advertised PhD studentships, to get an idea of what sort of research we do. 

Where can maths take you?

A maths degree from Oxford gives you all the quantitative skills you need to make a difference anywhere you choose. Whether you're interested in government and intelligence, teaching, or finance in the city, the world needs your skills. Unlike medicine or law, there aren't typical careers that maths graduates go into because a maths degree qualifies you for so many different career paths. Although this may be daunting, it enables you to do the thing that matters most to you -- whether that's to earn a high salary, model the next pandemic, advise government policy, or enthuse children with your passion for maths


Insight into Teaching - provides students with the opportunity to spend a few days in a local school with a full programme of lesson observation, perhaps a chance to try out some teaching and join in with activities, and a session of reflection and feedback.

The Student Consultancy - gain experience in the role of a student consultant, helping out local business, university departments, or charities. A week of training is provided, and whatever your career plans, such an experience could help you make the right choice. 

Crankstart Internships - if you are a Crankstart scholar you are encouraged to gain work experience during your time at Oxford, and funding and support is available to help you to do so.  The Crankstart Internship Programme has been established to enable you to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Mock Interviews - if you have an interview coming up, we frequently have mock interviews – with real employers – that you can book in advance. In each session, the interviewer will see your CV in advance, give you a competency interview, and then give feedback on your performance.

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