Maths in the City

Mathematical Walks

Our cities are filled with buildings, roads, cars, buses, trains, bikes, parks and gardens. They are crisscrossed with power, water, sewage and transport systems. They are built by engineers, architects, planners, technologists, doctors, designers and artists. Our cities are shaped by our environment, our society and our culture. And each and every part is built on mathematics.

These pages contain two walking tours of Oxford and London that explore some of the mathematical features in the cityscape. Please print the guides to conduct your own tour, or check back here to see when we are next advertising guided tours.

Oxford Tour

Bridge of Sighs - Oxford
The Oxford Tour takes in a range of sights from around the city, and explains the Mathematical concepts involved. We'll be looking at symmetry, geometry, GPS and engineering using footprints, string, chalk, woks and marbles!

London Tour

Millenium Bridge London
The London Maths in the City tour explores the area around the Tate Modern, the Millenium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral. We'll be looking at networks, geometry, resonance, curves and topology through the medium of chalk, sweeties, slinkies and rope!

Booking a tour

Unfortunately we are currently unable to take requests for guided tours. Please do check back regularly to see if we have any advertised tour dates. You are also free to use the resources available on these pages to conduct your own tour.

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