Giving to the Mathematical Institute

Oxford’s Mathematical Institute is the largest mathematics department in the UK and one of the strongest in Europe. Its faculty are world leaders in fields ranging from geometry, logic and number theory to applications in machine learning, medicine and biology, and finance.

As the Department’s ambitions grow, we would like to be able to welcome more graduate students from around the world to collaborate and continue our mathematical research.

We are actively welcoming support from individual philanthropists and foundations to support our mission in ensuring that the Mathematical Institute sustains its position as one of the greatest mathematical centres in the world.

The Mathematical Institute has established the Oxford Mathematical Institute Fund (OMIF) to provide scholarships and flexible financial support to graduate students. OMIF enables the Institute to attract the best possible candidates from around the world, and foster the keenest minds, regardless of their financial circumstances or backgrounds. Graduate students contribute enormously to the work of the Institute, formulating new ideas and advancing fundamental mathematics.  

Please note that all donations will be held as expendable endowment in the Oxford Mathematical Institute Fund (OMIF), which has been established for the purposes of supporting the Mathematical Institute. 

If you would like to contribute to the support of graduate mathematicians, please donate online now or contact Hannah Curwell-Parry +44 0)7894 838397

Larger projects
We work with a number of individual philanthropists and organisations to fund specific scholarships, research programmes and capital projects to further the progress of the Department, increase scientific capital and secure the future of mathematical research. 

For example, by supporting a graduate scholarship, donors enable the very best researchers from around the world to study at Oxford. In these cases, financial circumstances are no longer a barrier to academic progress and success. 

Gifts can often be enhanced by a variety of tax-efficient giving initiatives. If you would like to discuss giving or to visit and see the impact of philanthropy, please get in touch with Hannah Curwell-ParryHead of MPLS Development, +44 (0)1865 (2)82580

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