Key Contacts

The information below are high level/broad generic contacts (often appropriate for external people looking to make general enquiries or initial contact). Members of the department looking for particular information about departmental services and processes should look in the members section of the site which has a dashboard into key information (e.g. building information, room booking, library, IT, research facilitation, personnel, finance, faculty services (including reception, parking, catering etc), policies etc).

General Contacts and Administration Information

Specific Contacts

Head of Department :  
Head of Administration :
External Relations Manager :
Undergraduate Admissions and Schools Liaison Officer :
Graduate Admissions :
Director of IT and Physical Resources :
Director of Graduate Studies :
Director of Undergraduate Studies :
Academic Administrator :
Research Facilitator :
Finance and Purchasing :
Vacancies :
HR :
Librarian :
Conference & Events facilities booking :
Facilities Management :


The Department encourages its staff to become involved in the provision of consultancy services to industry, subject to the standard provisions set out by the University. These services are provided through Oxford University Innovation Ltd.

If you are interested in making use of consultancy services, then please contact Dawn Gordon ( of Oxford University Innovation Ltd in the first instance.

Dawn Gordon is a Consulting Services Project Manager at Oxford University Innovation Ltd.

Licensing and Ventures

If you have questions about intellectual property, licensing and venture formation, software commercialisation or entrepreneurial activities more generally, then please contact

Ben Oakley is a Licensing and Ventures Manager at Oxford University Innovation. Oxford University Innovation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Oxford and manages the University’s technology transfer and consulting activities.