Art and Oxford Mathematics

The Mathematical Institute has numerous links to mathematically inspired art and architecture. The entrance to the building features a beautiful Penrose tiling and Roger Penrose himself gave a talk explaining the theory behind the pattern (we have a range of mathematical talks aimed at a general audience).

Other elements of the Andrew Wiles Building's architecture are also mathematically inspired. The two main walls in the foyer exhibit Antoni Malinowski's 'Spiral Flip' (below left), which subtly changes with different lighting when viewed from different angles. In the building's entrance it is impossible to miss Mat Chivers' "Axiom" sculpture, the winner of our Sculpture Competition (below right). 

We have hosted a number of art events and exhibitions. We are always open to any ideas that artists may have for using the exhibition space. Our Arts Committee assesses all requests on a rolling basis. Please contact Dyrol Lumbard to discuss this further.

See also: 

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Antoni MalinowskiAxiom Sculpture