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Past events in this series
19 January 2018
Dan Ciubotaru, Coralia Cartis, Thomas Wasserman, Renee Hoekzema, Jaroslav Fowkes, Carolina Matte Gregory

Wondering about how to organise your DPhil? How to make the most of your supervision meetings?

In this session we will explore these and other questions related to what makes a successful DPhil with help from faculty members, postdocs and DPhil students.

  • In the first half of the session Dan Ciubotaru and Coralia Cartis will give short talks on their experiences as PhD students and supervisors.
  • The second part of the session will be a panel discussion with final-year Dphil students and early postdocs.

The panel will consist of Thomas Wasserman, Renee Hoekzema, Jaroslav Fowkes and Carolina Matte Gregory. Senior faculty members will be kindly asked to leave the lecture theatre to ensure that students feel comfortable discussing their experiences with other students and postdocs without any senior faculty present.

2 February 2018
Mike Giles

In this talk I will discuss the upcoming REF2021 and its significance for early career researchers (research fellows and postdocs) including

  • why it is so important to all UK maths departments
  • why the timing of it could have important career consequences for ECRs
  • publication issues such as quality versus quantity, and choice of journal
  • the importance of Impact Case Studies
23 February 2018
Dave Hewett and Alison Trinder

Who are you? What motivates you? What's important to you? How do you react to challenges and adversities? In this session we will explore the power of self-awareness (understanding our own characters, values and motivations) and introduce assertiveness skills in the context of building positive and productive relationships with colleagues, collaborators, students and others.

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