Geometry and Analysis Seminar

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28 May 2018
Marco Gualtieri

I will explain our recent description of the fundamental degrees of freedom underlying a generalized Kahler structure. For a usual Kahler
structure, it is well-known that the geometry is determined by a complex structure, a Kahler class, and the choice of a positive(1,1)-form in this class, which depends locally on only a single real-valued function: the Kahler potential. Such a description for generalized Kahler geometry has been sought since it was discovered in1984. We show that a generalized Kahler structure of symplectic type is determined by a pair of holomorphic Poisson manifolds, a
holomorphic symplectic Morita equivalence between them, and the choice of a positive Lagrangian brane bisection, which depends locally on
only a single real-valued function, which we call the generalized Kahler potential. To solve the problem we make use of, and generalize,
two main tools: the first is the notion of symplectic Morita equivalence, developed by Weinstein and Xu to study Poisson manifolds;
the second is Donaldson's interpretation of a Kahler metric as a real Lagrangian submanifold in a deformation of the holomorphic cotangent bundle.


  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar
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