Past Relativity Seminar

28 January 2014
Graeme Segal
<p>This is another opportunity to hear the 2013 LMS Presidential Address:</p> <p>Abstract: The idea of space is central to the way we think.&nbsp; It is the technology we have evolved for interpreting our experience of the world.&nbsp; But space is presumably a human creation, and even inside mathematics it plays a variety of different roles, some modelling our intuition very closely and some seeming almost magical.&nbsp; I shall point out how the homotopy category in particular breaks away from its own roots.&nbsp; Then I shall describe how quantum theory leads us beyond the well-established notion of a topological space into the realm of noncommutative geometry.&nbsp; One might think that noncommutative spaces are not very space-like, and yet it is noncommutativity that makes the world look as it does to us, as a collection of point particles.</p>