First Meeting on Asymptotics of Operator Semigroups

A workshop was held in St John's College on 2, 3 and 4 September 2009.  

The following speakers attended:

Wolfgang Arendt, George Avalos, Charles Batty, Catalin Badea, Alexander Borichev, Ralph Chill, Brian Davies, Thomas Duyckaerts, Tania Eisner, Alexander Gomilko, Sophie Grivaux, Markus Haase, Laszlo Kerchy, Yuri Latushkin, Yuri Lyubich, Vladimir Muller, Rainer Nagel, Jan van Neerven, Thomas Ransford, Roland Schnaubelt, Yuri Tomilov, Lutz Weis, Andrew Wynn, Jaroslav Zemanek.

Other participants :

Paul Crewe,  Balint Farkas, Junaid Mubeen


Charles Batty, Ralph Chill, Yuri Tomilov, Jaroslav Zemanek.


Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
St John's College Research Centre.

Electronic copies of some of the talks may be downloaded below:

Speaker Title Size (kBs)
Wolfgang Arendt Asymptotic Behaviour of Semigroups before 2000 (Part 2)  232
George Avalos Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interactive PDE Models  328
Charles Batty Asymptotic Behaviour of Semigroups before 2000 (Part 1) 184
Ralph Chill and Yuri Tomilov Strong stability of semigroups: a personal (over-)view 401
Brian Davies Semigroup Growth Bounds 145
Thomas Duyckaerts Pseudo-uniform stability of bounded continuous semigroups 556
Markus Haase The one-sided ergodic Hilbert transform 230
Laszlo Kerchy Stability of operator semigroups with regular norm-behaviour 121
Yuri Latushkin An index theorem, the spectral flow, and the spectral shift function for relatively trace class perturbations 522
Vladimir Muller Asymptotic properties of semigroup orbits 99
Thomas Ransford Super-identical pseudospectra 1250
Roland Schnaubelt Asymptotic behavior of nonautonomous Cauchy problems 268
Andrew Wynn The discrete weighted Weiss conjecture 2230