OxPDE Visitors

Visitors Programme

 Details of upcoming and past visits can be found on the National NPDE visitors calendar. Usually visitors to the Centre are asked to give talk(s) in one or both of our seminar series.

Visitors to the OxPDE Centre

Visitors wishing to come to the Centre should identify a Centre Member as a sponsor.

Sponsors of Visitors to the OxPDE Centre

The visitors form should be completed for all prospective visitors to the OxPDE Centre and the Mathematical Institute as soon as the details of a visit are klnown but especially before they arrive. If you would like to sponsor your visitor using OxPDE funds, please indicate estimated cost in the ‘funding source' section. Arrangements for visitors will be made once funding has been approved. Should the visitor have their own funding please specify this when completing the form.

 It is important that all visitors have the appropriate visa. Further information about this and other matters is given in the guidance notes on the MI webpage guidance notes.

Once completed the form should be returned in the first instance to Jonathan Whyman (oxpde-manager@maths.ox.ac.uk). This information will be forwarded to Visitors’ Co-ordinator, Sally Mullins, for the Chairman’s approval.  Applications for a visit of six months or longer need prior approval of the Chairman of the Research Committee.