Mathematical Bake Off 2015

Another year of exciting Mathematical Bakes from our department. See if you can tell what they are. Answers at the bottom of the page. For the 2014 Bake Off click here.

First row: A Point on the Filbert Scheme, Menger Victoria Sponge, Sierpinski Triangle Bread

Second row: Klein Bott-roll, Lemon Normal Distribution, Approximate Beetroot Cake (Approximate Bayesian Computation)

Third row: Prime Knots up to Seven Crossing, Mince Pi

Fourth row: Escher Staircase, Hilbert's Inn Cake, Tesseract Projection of a 4D Cube

Fifth row: Travelling Salesman Cake, Conic Sections

Sixth row: Conic Section Cake, Cupcakes themed on the Fano Plane, Tower of Hanoi