Saturday, 16 June 2012

MPLS Teaching Awards for Jon Chapman, Kathryn Gillow and Martin Griffiths

Congratulations to three members of the Mathematical Institute who were recognised in the 2012 Teaching Awards exercise, held across the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division. Jon Chapman and Kathryn Gillow won two of the four Individual Awards for their outstanding contribution to undergraduate and graduate teaching respectively, and Martin Griffiths won the Project Award for his project on problem-solving for undergraduates.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Stephanie Crampin awarded British Society for History of Mathematics Essay Prize

St Hugh's undergraduate Stephanie Crampin has been awarded a national prize, the British Society for the History of Mathematics undergraduate essay prize. Stephanie took paper O1 (History of Mathematics) as one of her options this year.

The BSHM announcement follows:

"The BSHM is pleased to announce the inaugural winners of its undergraduate essay prize as Stephanie Crampin for an essay entitled The contribution of Évariste Galois to the founding of group theory and Nicole Johannesen for The application of mathematical understanding in the ancient Olympic Games. Stephanie is a third year student studying mathematics and philosophy at St Hugh's College, Oxford and Nicole a third year student studying mathematics at St Andrews University.

Though on very different topics the judging panel felt that amongst the submissions received, these two could not be separated in terms of overall standard and hence concluded two prizes should be awarded this year.

The Society was pleased with the range and quality of all the submissions it received this year with BSHM President, Professor Robin Wilson, stating 'I am very pleased that, in this the inaugural year of the undergraduate essay prize, the standard has been so high. This indicates not only the excellent standards of teaching of the history of mathematics in many universities across the UK, but also the creativity and enthusiasm of our undergraduates. We look forward to seeing another set of excellent submissions for the 2012-13 prize.'"

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Gui-Qiang G. Chen awarded SIAG/APDE Prize

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM, USA) awards the SIAG/Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Prize (one prize every two years) to the authors of the most outstanding paper, as determined by the committee, on a topic in Partial Differential Equations published in English in a peer-reviewed journal in the four calendar years preceding the year of the award.

The committee wishes to recognize Gui-Qiang G. Chen and Mikhail Feldman for their paper, "Global Solutions of Shock Reflection by Large-Angle Wedges for Potential Flow," Annals of Mathematics, Volume 171, Issue 2 (2010), 1067-1182, "in which they proved the existence and stability of a solution for the equations of two-dimensional compressible gas dynamics, for the case of a shock reflection from a wedge. This problem, originating with work of Ernst Mach, has long defied careful mathematical analysis."

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Tissue and Cell Engineering Society has awarded its Early Stage Investigator prize to Rebecca Shipley, of OCIAM

The Tissue and Cell Engineering Society has awarded its Early Stage Investigator prize to Rebecca Shipley, of OCIAM; Becky is also a JRF at Christ Church. Her research involves the use of mathematical modelling techniques in medical systems. Her talk was entitled 'Fluid and mass transport modelling to drive the design of cell-packed hollow fibre bioreactors'.

See for further details.