Freezing of Foods: High-Pressure Shift Freezing / Growth and coarsening of ice crystals

30 October 2012
Nadia Smith

High-pressure freezing processes are a novel emerging technology in food processing,
offering significant improvements to the quality of frozen foods. To be able to simulate
plateau times and thermal history under different conditions, a generalized enthalpy
model of the high-pressure shift freezing process is presented. The model includes
the effects of pressure on conservation of enthalpy and incorporates the freezing point
depression of non-dilute food samples. In addition, the significant heat-transfer effects of
convection in the pressurizing medium are accounted for by solving the two-dimensional
Navier–Stokes equations.
The next question is: is high-pressure shift freezing good also in the long run?
A growth and coarsening model for ice crystals in a very simple food system will be discussed.

  • Junior Applied Mathematics Seminar