Auslander-Reiten-quivers in functorially finite resolving subcategories

17 January 2013
Matthias Krebs
It has been shown that the Auslander-Reiten-quiver of an indecomposable algebra contains a finite component if and only if A is representation finite. Moreover, selfinjective algebras are representation finite if and only if the tree types of the stable components are given by Dynkin Diagrams. I will present similar results for the Auslander-Reiten-quiver of a functorially finite resolving subcategory Ω. We will see that Brauer-Thrall 1 and Brauer-Thrall 1.5 can be proved for these categories with only little extra effort. Furthermore, a connection between sectional paths in A-mod and irreducible morphisms in Ω will be given. Finally, I will show how all finite Auslander-Reiten-quivers of A-mod or Ω are related to Dynkin Diagrams with a notion similar to the tree type that coincides in a finite stable component.
  • Representation Theory Seminar