Configuration spaces and homological stability (or, what I did for the last three and a half years)

13 February 2013
Martin Palmer
<p><span>First of all, I will give an overview of what the phenomenon of homological stability is and why it's useful, with plenty of examples. I will then introduce configuration spaces -- of various different kinds -- and give an overview of what is known about their homological stability properties. A "configuration" here can be more than just a finite collection of points in a background space: in particular, the points may be equipped with a certain non-local structure (an "orientation"), or one can consider unlinked embedded copies of a fixed manifold instead of just points. If by some miracle time permits, I may also say something about homological stability with local coefficients, in general and in particular for configuration spaces. <br /></span></p>
  • Junior Topology and Group Theory Seminar