New transfer principles and applications to represenation theory

24 October 2013
Immanuel Halupczok
The transfer principle of Ax-Kochen-Ershov says that every first order sentence φ in the language of valued fields is, for p sufficiently big, true in ℚ_p iff it is true in \F_p((t)). Motivic integration allowed to generalize this to certain kinds of non-first order sentences speaking about functions from the valued field to ℂ. I will present some new transfer principles of this kind and explain how they are useful in representation theory. In particular, local integrability of Harish-Chandra characters, which previously was known only in ℚ_p, can be transferred to \F_p((t)) for p >> 1. (I will explain what this means.) This is joint work with Raf Cluckers and Julia Gordon.