Singularly perturbed hyperbolic systems

22 October 2013
Stuart Thomson
In the first JAM seminar of 2013/2014, I will discuss the topic of singular perturbed hyperbolic systems of PDE arising in physical phenomena, particularly the St Venant equations of shallow water theory. Using a mixture of analytical and numerical techniques, I will demonstrate the dangers of approximating the dynamics of a system by the equations obtained upon taking a singular limit $\epsilon\rightarrow 0$ and furthermore how the dynamics of the system change when the parameter $\epsilon$ is taken to be small but finite. Problems of this type are ubiquitous in the physical sciences, and I intend to motivate another example arising in elastoplasticity, the subject of my DPhil study. \\ \\ Note: This seminar is not intended for faculty members, and is available only to current undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Junior Applied Mathematics Seminar