Integer points on globally semi-analytic sets

21 November 2013
Alex Wilkie
I am interested in integer solutions to equations of the form $f(x)=0$ where $f$ is a transcendental, globally analytic function defined in a neighbourhood of $\infty$ in $\mathbb{R}^n \cup \{\infty\}$. These notions will be defined precisely, and clarified in the wider context of globally semi-analytic and globally subanalytic sets. The case $n=1$ is trivial (the global assumption forces there to be only finitely many (real) zeros of $f$) and the case $n=2$, which I shall briefly discuss, is completely understood: the number of such integer zeros of modulus at most $H$ is of order $\log\log H$. I shall then go on to consider the situation in higher dimensions.