CALF: Universal D-modules

28 February 2014
Emily Cliff
A universal D-module of dimension n is a rule assigning to every family of smooth $n$-dimensional varieties a family of D-modules, in a compatible way. This seems like a huge amount of data, but it turns out to be entirely determined by its value over a single formal disc. We begin by recalling (or perhaps introducing) the notion of a D-module, and proceed to define the category $M_n$ of universal D-modules. Following Beilinson and Drinfeld we define the Gelfand-Kazhdan structure over a smooth variety (or family of varieties) of dimension $n$, and use it to build examples of universal D-modules and to exhibit a correspondence between $M_n$ and the category of modules over the group-scheme of continuous automorphisms of formal power series in $n$ variables
  • Junior Geometry and Topology Seminar