'Defining p-henselian valuations'

6 March 2014
Franziska Yahnke

(Joint work with Jochen Koenigsmann) Admitting a p-henselian
valuation is a weaker assumption on a field than admitting a henselian
valuation. Unlike henselianity, p-henselianity is an elementary property
in the language of rings. We are interested in the question when a field
admits a non-trivial 0-definable p-henselian valuation (in the language
of rings). They often then give rise to 0-definable henselian
valuations. In this talk, we will give a classification of elementary
classes of fields in which the canonical p-henselian valuation is
uniformly 0-definable. This leads to the new phenomenon of p-adically
(pre-)Euclidean fields.

  • Advanced Class Logic