Homogenising the wave equation: do we even understand the 1-D problem?

9 May 2014
Chris Farmer and John Ockendon
<p>Seismic exploration in the oil industry is one example where wave equations are used as models. When the wave speed is spatially varying one is naturally concerned with questions of homogenisation or upscaling, where one would like to calculate an effective or average wave speed. As a canonical problem this short workshop will introduce the one-dimensional acoustic wave equation with a rapidly varying wave speed, perhaps even a periodic variation. Three questions will be asked: (i) how do you calculate a sensible average wave speed (ii) does the wave equation suffice or is there a change of form after averaging and (iii) if one can induce any particular excitation at one end of a finite one-dimensional medium, and make any observations that we like at that end, what - if anything - can be inferred about the spatial variability of the wave speed?</p>
  • Industrial and Interdisciplinary Workshops