Independence in exponential fields

13 November 2014
Robert Henderson

Little is known about C_exp, the complex field with the exponential function. Model theoretically it is difficult due to the definability of the integers (so its theory is not stable), and a lack of clear algebraic structure; for instance, it is not known whether or not pi+e is irrational. In order to study C_exp, Boris Zilber constructed a class of pseudo-exponential fields which satisfy all the properties we desire of C_exp. This class is categorical for every uncountable cardinal, and other more general classes have been defined. I shall define the three main classes of exponential fields that I study, one of which being Zilber's class, and show that they exhibit "stable-like" behaviour modulo the integers by defining a notion of independence for each class. I shall also explicitly apply one of these independence relations to show that in the class of exponential fields ECF, types that are orthogonal to the kernel are exactly the generically stable types.