Introduction to Concepts of General Relativity

4 December 2014
Felix Tennie

Since its genesis in 1915, General Relativity has proven to be one of the most successful physical theories ever invented. Providing a description of the large scale structure of the universe it continues to be in agreement with all experimental tests to high accuracy. By merging Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics to a consistent geometrical theory of space-time it has become one of the two pillars of modern theoretical physics alongside Quantum Mechanics. This talk aims to give an introduction to the ideas and concepts of General Relativity. After briefly reviewing Classical (Newtonian) Mechanics and experiments in contradiction with it the framework and axioms of General Relativity will be introduced. This will be followed by a survey on major implications of the (new) geometrical description of gravity. Finally an outlook on physics beyond General Relativity will be provided. 

  • Junior Geometry and Topology Seminar