VerdErg - VETT, a new low-head hydropower generator: minimising the losses

13 February 2015

VerdErg Renewable Energy Ltd is developing a new hydropower unit for cost-effective energy generation at very low heads of pressure. The device is called the VETT after the underlying technology – Venturi Enhanced Turbine Technology. Flow into the VETT is split into two. The larger flow at low head transfers its energy to the smaller flow at a greater head. The smaller flow powers a conventional turbo-generator which can be a smaller, faster unit at an order of magnitude lower cost. Further, there are significant environmental benefits to fish and birds compared to the conventional hydropower solution. After several physical model test programmes* in the UK, France and The Netherlands along with CFD studies the efficiency now stands at 50%. We wish to increase that by understanding the major loss mechanisms and how they might be avoided or minimised.

The presentation will explain the VETT’s working principles and key relationships, together with some possible ideas for improvement. The comments of attendees on problem areas, potential solutions and how an enhanced understanding of key phenomena may be applied will be most welcome.

*(One was observed by Prof John Ockendon who identified a fairly extreme flow condition in a region previously thought to be benign.)

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