Residual finiteness in outer automorphisms of graph products of groups

4 March 2015
Michal Ferov

A group is called residually finite if every non-trivial element can be homomorphically mapped to a finite group such that the image is again non-trivial. Residually finite groups are interesting because quite a lot of information about them can be reconstructed from their finite quotients. Baumslag showed that if G is a finitely generated residually finite group then Aut(G) is also residually finite. Using a similar method Grossman showed that if G is a finitely generated conjugacy separable group with "nice" automorphisms then Out(G) is residually finite. The graph product is a group theoretic construction naturally generalising free and direct products in the category of groups. We show that if G is a finite graph product of finitely generated residually finite groups then Out(G) is residually finite (modulo some technical conditions)

  • Junior Topology and Group Theory Seminar