Self-maps on compact F-spaces.

18 February 2015
<pre wrap="">Compact F-spaces play an important role in the area of compactification theory, the prototype being w*, the Stone-Cech remainder of the integers. Two curious topological characteristics of compact F-spaces are that they don’t contain convergent sequences (apart from the constant ones), and moreover, that they often contain points that don’t lie in the boundary of any countable subset (so-called weak P-points). In this talk we investigate the space of self-maps S(X) on compact zero-dimensional F-spaces X, endowed with the compact-open topology. A natural question is whether S(X) reflects properties of the ground space X. Our main result is that for zero-dimensional compact F-spaces X, also S(X) doesn’t contain convergent sequences. If time permits, I will also comment on the existence of weak P-points in S(X). This is joint work with Richard Lupton.</pre>
  • Analytic Topology in Mathematics and Computer Science