Commutative 2-algebra, operads and analytic functors

14 May 2015
Nicola Gambino

Standard commutative algebra is based on the notions of commutative monoid, Abelian group and commutative ring. In recent years, motivations from category theory, algebraic geometry, and mathematical logic led to the development of an area that may be called commutative 2-algebra, in which the notions used in commutative algebra are replaced by their category-theoretic counterparts (e.g. commutative monoids are replaced by  symmetric monoidal categories). The aim of this talk is to explain the analogy between standard commutative algebra and commutative 2-algebra, and to outline how this suggests counterparts of basic aspects of algebraic geometry. In particular, I will describe some joint work with Andre’ Joyal on operads and analytic functors in this context.