Unital associahedra

10 June 2015
Nina Otter

Associahedra are polytopes introduced by Stasheff to encode topological semigroups in which associativity holds up to coherent homotopy. These polytopes naturally form a topological operad that gives a resolution of the associative operad. Muro and Tonks recently introduced an operad which encodes $A_\infty$ algebras with homotopy coherent unit. 
The material in this talk will be fairly basic. I will cover operads and their algebras, give the construction of the $A_\infty$ operad using the Boardman-Vogt resolution, and of the unital associahedra introduced by Muro and Tonks.
Depending on time and interest of the audience I will define unital $A_\infty$ differential graded algebras and explain how they are precisely the algebras over the cellular chains of the operad constructed by Muro and Tonks.

  • Junior Topology and Group Theory Seminar