The evolution of discrete logarithm in GF(p^n)

17 February 2016
Razvan Barbulescu
The security of pairings-based cryptography relies on the difficulty of two problems: computing discrete logarithms over elliptic curves and, respectively, finite fields GF(p^n) when n is a small integer larger than 1. The real-life difficulty of the latter problem was tested in 2006 by a record in a field GF(p^3) and in 2014 and 2015 by new records in GF(p^2), GF(p^3) and GF(p^4). We will present the new methods of polynomial selection which allowed to obtain these records. Then we discuss the difficulty of DLP in GF(p^6) and GF(p^12) when p has a special form (SNFS) for which two theoretical algorithms were presented recently.
  • Cryptography Seminar