Generating the Fukaya categories of Hamiltonian G-manifolds

20 October 2015
Yanki Lekili

Let $G$ be a compact Lie group and $k$ be a field of characteristic $p\ge 0$ such that $H^*(G)$ does not have $p$-torsion. We show that a free Lagrangian orbit of a Hamiltonian $G$-action on a compact, monotone, symplectic manifold $X$ split-generates an idempotent summand of the monotone Fukaya category over $k$ if and only if it represents a non-zero object of that summand. Our result is based on: an explicit understanding of the wrapped Fukaya category through Koszul twisted complexes involving the zero-section and a cotangent fibre; and a functor canonically associated to the Hamiltonian $G$-action on $X$. Several examples can be studied in a uniform manner including toric Fano varieties and certain Grassmannians. 

  • Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry Seminar