Open invariants and crepant transformations

3 November 2015
Renzo Cavalieri

The question that the Crepant Resolution Conjecture (CRC) wants to address is: given an orbifold X that admits a repant resolution Y, can we systematically compare the Gromov-Witten theories of the two spaces? That this should happen was first observed by physicists and the question was imported into mathematics by Y.Ruan, who posited it as the search for an isomorphism in the quantum cohomologies of the two spaces. In the last fifteen years this question has evolved and found different formulations which various degree of generality and validity. Perhaps the most powerful approach to the CRC is through Givental's formalism. In this case, Coates, Corti, Iritani and Tseng propose that the CRC should consist of the natural comparison of geometric objects constructed from the GW potential fo the space. We explore this approach in the setting of open GW invariants. We formulate an open version of the CRC using this formalism, and make some verifications. Our approach is well tuned with Iritani's approach to the CRC via integral structures, and it seems to suggest that open invariants should play a prominent role in mirror symmetry. 

  • Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry Seminar