Recent advances in symplectic duality (COW SEMINAR)

26 November 2015
Alexander Braverman

It has been observed long time ago (by many people) that singular affine symplectic varieties come in pairs; that is often to an affine singular symplectic variety $X$ one can associate a dual variety $X^!$; the geometries of $X$ and $X^!$ (and their quantizations) are related in a non-trivial way. The purpose of the talk will be 3-fold:

1) Explain a set of conjectures of Braden, Licata, Proudfoot and Webster which provide an exact formulation of the relationship between $X$ and $X^!$

2) Present a list of examples of symplectically dual pairs (some of them are very recent); in particular, we shall explain how the symplectic duals to Nakajima quiver varieties look like.

3) Give a new approach to the construction of $X^!$ and a proof of the conjectures from part 1).

The talk is based on a work in progress with Finkelberg and Nakajima.

  • Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry Seminar