Joint Number Theory/Logic Seminar: Strongly semistable sheaves and the Mordell-Lang conjecture over function fields

4 February 2016
Damian Rössler

We shall describe a new proof of the Mordell-Lang conjecture in positive characteristic, in the situation where the variety under scrutiny is a smooth subvariety of an abelian variety. Our proof is based on the theory of semistable sheaves in positive characteristic, in particular on Langer's theorem that the Harder-Narasimhan filtration of sheaves becomes strongly semistable after a finite number of iterations of Frobenius pull-backs. Our proof produces a numerical upper-bound for the degree of the finite morphism from an isotrivial variety appearing in the statement of the Mordell-Lang conjecture. This upper-bound is given in terms of the Frobenius-stabilised slopes of the cotangent bundle of the variety.