The monogamy of entanglement, and applications to quantum cryptography

11 May 2016
Serge Fehr

One of the peculiar features of quantum mechanics is
entanglement. It is known that entanglement is monogamous in the sense
that a quantum system can only be strongly entangled to one other
system. In this talk, I will show how this so-called monogamy of
entanglement can be captured and quantified by a "game". We show that,
in this particular game, the monogamy completely "cancels out" the
advantage of entanglement.
As an application of our analysis, we show that - in theory - the
standard BB84 quantum-key-distribution scheme is one-sided
device-independent, meaning that one of the parties, say Bob, does not
need to trust his quantum measurement device: security is guaranteed
even if his device is completely malicious.
The talk will be fully self-contained; no prior knowledge on quantum
mechanics/cryptography is necessary.

  • Cryptography Seminar