Conformal invariance of correlations in the planar Ising model.

23 May 2016

The planar Ising model is one of the simplest and most studied models in Statistical Mechanics. On one hand, it has a rich and interesting phase transition behaviour. On the other hand, it is "solvable" enough to allow for many rigorous and exact results. This, in particular, makes it one of the prime examples in Conformal Field Theory (CFT). In this talk, I will review my joint work with C. Hongler and D. Chelkak on the scaling limits of correlations in the planar Ising model at criticality. We prove that these limits exist, are conformally covariant and given by explicit formulae consistent with the CFT predictions. This may be viewed as a step towards a rigorous understanding of CFT in the case of the Ising model.TBC

  • Stochastic Analysis Seminar