On The Four-Loop Form Factors Of Massless QCD

25 October 2016
Robert Schabinger

In this talk, we discuss an ongoing calculation of the
four-loop form factors in massless QCD. We begin by discussing our
novel approach to the calculation in detail. Of particular interest
are a new polynomial-time integration by parts reduction algorithm and
a new method to algebraically resolve the IR and UV singularities of
dimensionally-regulated bare perturbative scattering amplitudes.
Although not all integral topologies are linearly reducible for the
more non-trivial color structures, it is nevertheless feasible to
obtain accurate numerical results for the finite parts of the complete
four-loop form factors using publicly available sector decomposition
programs and bases of finite integrals. Finally, we present first
results for the four-loop gluon form factor Feynman diagrams which
contain three closed fermion loops.

  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar