The stochastic heat equation on a fractal

24 October 2016

It is well-known that the stochastic heat equation on R^n has a Hölder continuous function-valued solution in the case n=1, and that in dimensions 2 and above the solution is not function-valued but is forced to take values in some wider space of distributions. So what happens if the space has, in some sense, a dimension in between 1 and 2? We turn to the theory of fractals in order to answer this question. It has been shown (Kigami, 2001) that there exists a class of self-similar sets on which natural Laplacians can be defined, and so an analogue to the stochastic heat equation can be posed. In this talk we cover the following questions: Is the solution to this equation function-valued? If so, is it Hölder continuous? To answer the latter we must first prove an analogue of Kolmogorov's celebrated continuity theorem for the self-similar sets that we are working on. Joint work with Ben Hambly.

  • Stochastic Analysis Seminar