Finding Arithmetic Implications of Mirror Symmetry

2 February 2017
Tyler Kelly

Mirror symmetry is a duality from string theory that states that given a Calabi-Yau variety, there exists another Calabi-Yau variety so that various geometric and physical data are exchanged. The investigation of this mirror correspondence has its roots in enumerative geometry and hodge theory, but has been later interpreted by Kontsevich in a categorical setting. This exchange in data is very powerful, and has been shown to persist for zeta functions associated to Calabi-Yau varieties, although there is no rigorous statement for what arithmetic mirror symmetry would be. Instead of directly trying to state and prove arithmetic mirror symmetry, we will instead use mirror symmetry as an intuitional framework to obtain arithmetic results for special Calabi-Yau pencils in projective space from the Hodge theoretic viewpoint. If time permits, we will discuss work in progress in starting to find arithmetic implications of Kontsevich's Homological Mirror Symmetry.

  • Number Theory Seminar