A logarithmic interpretation of Edixhoven's jumps for Jacobians

9 February 2017
Johannes Nicaise

Let A be an abelian variety over a strictly henselian discretely valued field K. In his 1992 paper "Néron models and tame ramification", Edixhoven has constructed a filtration on the special fiber of the Néron model of A that measures the behaviour of the Néron model with respect to tamely ramified extensions of K. The filtration is indexed by rational numbers in [0,1], and if A is wildly ramified, it is an open problem whether the places where it jumps are always rational. I will explain how an interpretation of the filtration in terms of logarithmic geometry leads to explicit formulas for the jumps in the case where A is a Jacobian, which confirms in particular that they are rational. This is joint work with Dennis Eriksson and Lars Halvard Halle.

  • Number Theory Seminar