Scaling limits for randomly trapped random walks

30 January 2017

A randomly trapped random walk on a graph is a simple continuous time random walk in which the holding time at a given vertex is an independent sample from a probability measure determined by the trapping landscape, a collection of probability measures indexed by the vertices.

This is a time change of the simple random walk. For the constant speed continuous time random walk, the landscape has an exponential distribution with rate 1 at each vertex. For the Bouchaud trap model it has an exponential random variable at each vertex but where the rate for the exponential is chosen from a heavy tailed distribution. In one dimension the possible scaling limits are time changes of Brownian motion and include the fractional kinetics process and the Fontes-Isopi-Newman (FIN) singular diffusion. We extend this analysis to put these models in the setting of resistance forms, a framework that includes finitely ramified fractals. In particular we will construct a FIN diffusion as the limit of the Bouchaud trap model and the random conductance model on fractal graphs. We will establish heat kernel estimates for the FIN diffusion extending what is known even in the one-dimensional case.



  • Stochastic Analysis Seminar